Apricot Lend

Lending & borrowing

This guide covers how to:

  • Deposit

  • Borrow

  • Withdraw

  • Repay


At the "Lend" tab, you can see the list of all tokens supported by Apricot.

Note that LP tokens can be deposited as collateral against which users can borrow and farm with leverage. However, LP tokens cannot be borrowed so there is no deposit or reward APY. Apricot will instead farm LP tokens for you to earn a farming APY.


Once you have already connected your wallet, you will be able to deposit your tokens by clicking on the deposit button for the corresponding token. Hovering over the info button will show you the breakdown of the base deposit APY and the Apricot reward APY.

After clicking the deposit button, you'll see a popup where you can specify the amount of token you'd like to deposit:

After you confirm the amount of token to deposit and click on the Supply button, the dashboard on top will be updated to reflect the new deposit you just made.


Borrow works in a similar way. You can click the Borrow button for your chosen token, specify the amount to borrow in the popup, and confirm transaction. Upon successful transaction, your borrow position will be reflected in the dashboard on top.

Withdraw & Repay

Your existing deposit and borrow positions are displayed in the dashboard on top. For your deposits, you can click the "Withdrawal" button and specify the amount you'd like to withdraw. For your borrow positions, you can click on the "Repay" button and specify the amount of token's you'd like to repay.

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