The "Dashboard" tab is where you can see your entire portfolio and earnings summary. It has a few important sections

  • Apricot Bar

  • Earnings

  • Farming positions

  • Deposit / Borrow positions

Apricot Bar

The bar reflects the overall health of your portfolio by showing how far your current “Borrow Limit Used" is from the "Safe Borrow Limit" and the "Liquidation" point. The higher the percentage of your Borrow Limit Used, the more levered your portfolio is and the more likely liquidation could take place during market volatilities.


Earnings section shows your overall net portfolio APY and its underlying yield components from supplying, borrowing and farming.

Farming Positions

Farming Positions section shows the respective LP tokens farmed and the associated farming APY and rewards earned in value.

Deposit / Borrow Positions

In a similar format, you can see details of your deposit/borrow positions and respective rewards earned in the sections

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