Where on the interface do I track my X-Farm performance?

Currently, it’s difficult for users to track and monitor which unique positions are impacting their PnL on the platform, particularly given the Apricot borrow platform is cross-margin.

We’re mitigating this issue by adding to our interface transaction history and the reporting of isolated performance of each position opened, so that users can easily monitor and adjust their farming positions accordingly.

If I am withdrawing from X-Farm, do I need to redeem or repay first?

You can choose to redeem your LP tokens partially or fully back into the underlying tokens (e.g. USDT-USDC LP into USDT and USDC), which would be used to repay your borrowed positions in the respective assets first.

The remaining amount, if any, will go to your deposit balance. You will then be able to withdraw.

Does my Net Deposit (featured on the sidebar) include the value of deposited APT?

The net deposit does include your APT deposit, yet.

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