Cross-margin, leveraged yield farming

This guide covers how to:

  • Farm LP tokens

  • Redeem LP tokens

Farm LP tokens

At the "X-Farm" tab, you can see a list of all liquidity pools supported by Apricot:

For a given pool, you can change the Borrow Power Utilization slider to get a quick overview of the APY breakdown if you choose to farm with that amount or at that leverage level

After clicking "Farm", you will see the following popup.

Note that the "Max amount of LP token you can farm now" refers the value of LP tokens you can leverage farm without supplying any additional assets (calculated based on the borrowing limit of your existing deposits with Apricot).

You also have the option to increase your borrowing power by supplying additional tokens. Just click the plus sign right next to the number value, and you will see the following popup that guide you to supply tokens from your wallet.

Sliding “Select farm value" will cause the "Borrowing Limit Used" to change accordingly to reflect the corresponding leverage impact on your portfolio with that farming amount.

You can also see the details of the entire farming transaction and yield breakdown via "APY Summary" and "Transaction Summary".

Click "Start Stable Farming" to confirm transaction and you can see from the dashboard increases of LP tokens in "My Deposit" and USDT+USDC in "My Borrow" positions.

Redeem LP tokens

You can choose to redeem your LP tokens partially or fully back into the underlying tokens (e.g. USDT-USDC LP into USDT and USDC), which would be used to repay your borrowed positions in the respective assets first. The remaining amount, if any, will go to your deposit balance.

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